rosamund muir about us

About Rosamund Muir

'Redefining sustainable luxury with a colourful, sophisticated aesthetic and a uniquely British twist.'

 Originally from Northumberland, Rosamund lived in Italy, Switzerland and France before moving to London to work in Design and Advertising. 

 On becoming a busy Mum of three, she decided to follow her passion for shoes, training at London College of Fashion (formerly Cordwainers College) in Footwear Design and Pattern Making.

 The experience of rushing around London combined with becoming a mother helped to shape the foundations of the brand, and Rosamund has a deep understanding of the importance of a comfortable heel. “A huge amount of thought has gone into the comfort of our shoes, with lasts developed over months and rigorous road-testing. Our offer is simultaneously chic and adventurous, but always with comfort at its core.” says Rosamund.

roasamund muir about us

Rosamund Muir: Luxury Footwear For Women

Rosamund Muir designs with women in mind, creating beautiful shoes with an enduring spirit.  

Using strong women as daily inspiration, Rosamund Muir celebrates female empowerment, producing luxurious handmade footwear that is comfortable, beautiful and designed to be worn with confidence.

rosamund muir about us

Handmade luxury shoes crafted using traditional practices

Each pair of Rosamund Muir shoes is lovingly handcrafted from start to finish, using traditional and sustainable practices.

Determined to work with the highest level of craftsmanship, Rosamund scoured Europe to find the finest artisans committed to sustainable practices and the delicate art of shoemaking. 

Masters of their craft, our small atelier team of artisans have undergone years of expert training, working with some of the world’s leading luxury brands. 

All of our leathers are a naturally sustainable by-product sourced from the best Italian tanneries and processed using traditional techniques to produce the finest Nappa leathers, softest suedes and calf hair.

Leathers are ordered in small batches when required, and our expert cutters ensure every part of the leather is utilised, with offcuts donated to local schools for crafts and creative activities.  

Each shoe comes to life in our small atelier, where the leather is hand-cut, sewn, and the heel is positioned in place before being placed on a last for several days to set the unique shape and form.

This process takes minutes in a designer factory, but our artisanal methods produce a noticeable difference in luxury and quality, creating shoes to last a lifetime.

The care and attention that goes into our footwear are second to none, with each pair taking around seven days to make before being personally inspected by Rosamund.


Supporting the true craft of sustainable shoemaking 

The Rosamund Muir team are proud to support the heritage of traditional shoemaking, knowing that our core values of slow fashion, quality, ethics and sustainability are helping to support both artisans and the local community.