5 Top Tips For A Perfect Festival Outfit

It’s the best time of the year, festival season! Summer provides a global selection of festivals to suit many music tastes in some of the world’s most picturesque settings.

Once you’ve got your ticket to one of the hottest festivals in town, it’s time to plan your outfit – and what better way to do so than with our guide to festival dressing?

In this blog, we’re highlighting our favourite tips on how to get festival ready, from the clothes to the shoes to complete the outfit! So, sit back, relax and let us take the stress out of your festival dressing ahead of your big event.

Table of Contents: 

Dressing for a music festival 

  1. Choose a statement piece 
  2. Go for an edgy finish 
  3. Mix in vintage pieces
  4. Remember to pack a coat!
  5. Don’t overdo it – less is more!

Dressing for a music festival 

Choosing an outfit ahead of a music festival is a very unique experience. 

Before you start planning for it, consider the location, the weather, and how long you’ll be at the festival, as these are all factors that will impact your clothes and shoes of choice. Whilst Glastonbury may require a good raincoat and wellies, you probably won’t need to make the same clothing choices if you’re heading to the desert for Coachella

Whichever outfit you choose, remember to let your individuality shine through!

Here are our top tips on curating the perfect festival outfit:

1 Choose a statement piece 

You may want a festival-themed outfit, but opting for a fancy dress costume for the event might seem like you’re trying too hard. Instead, make sure you embrace your unique sense of style and adapt it to suit the festival you’re attending. 

For example, if you’re a rock chick at heart, throw on your leather jacket and your favourite band t-shirt and pair the look with ripped denim shorts for the perfect festival attire to suit your personality.

A good practice to help build out your festival style is to start with a single statement piece and build your entire outfit around that. It could be a vintage t-shirt, a statement dress, or the perfect pair of festival boots, such as our stylish Venezia boots. 

a woman wears a pink top and patterned trousers with classic Felixa boots
Statement trousers with classic Felixa boots

Venezia boots have a wide cone heel, so you won’t have to worry about sinking into the grass when dancing to your favourite band. Their stunning shape evokes a vintage style that’s perfect for festival dressing. Pair yours with shorts and a tasselled leather jacket and channel a 1960s Woodstock aesthetic.

2 Go for an edgy finish 

Suppose floaty, relaxed outfits are your style, and you love embracing a bohemian aesthetic. In that case, you can instantly make your look more festival-ready by completing it with some edgy finishing touches. 

To nail the look perfectly, look for accessories finished with statement hardware, such as a leather belt with metal detailing, a leather jacket or boots with studs, a statement chunky necklace, or a bracelet paired with an otherwise dainty outfit. 

3 Mix in some vintage pieces

Is there a better way to embrace festival dressing than by shopping for vintage pieces? 

Choosing an original band t-shirt from the ’80s rather than buying a new one from a department store provides authenticity and adds an effortlessly cool finish to your outfit. 

Vintage shops, thrift stores and charity shops are great places to pick up vintage Levi’s, buttery soft vintage leather jackets, bags and accessories and other amazing pieces to make your festival attire one of a kind. 

Shopping for vintage staples is also a great way to become a more mindful consumer,  allowing you to invest in circular fashion over fast fashion. By choosing pre-loved items, you will make your wardrobe more sustainable and curate a unique sense of style as a result!

If you’ve pulled together a vintage-inspired outfit, you’ll want the perfect shoes to complete the look. Why not opt for some platforms to enhance that vintage aesthetic?

A woman sits on a bench in a broderie anglaise dress fastening her green jeanne wedges

Our Jeanne wedges are the perfect way to achieve vintage festival style! Available in pink, green, navy and nude, they’re the perfect pairing to a vintage festival look, whether you’ve opted for shorts, leather-look leggings or a floaty, boho dress! With a comfortable wedge heel and a supportive ankle strap, they were built for days of dancing along to your favourite bands.

4 Remember to pack a coat!

Whatever weather you expect, bringing a coat is always sensible! A lightweight pac a mac is a great addition to any festival look, and it can be easily stored away when you don’t need it. 

Perfect for protecting your outfit from the rain, it’s essential for anyone attending a festival in the UK or Europe, where the weather might be slightly unpredictable, and it can easily be folded away when the rain clouds blow over!

If you’re jetting off somewhere warmer to celebrate the music you love, a lightweight jacket will keep you warm when the evening chill sets in (or protect your shoulders from the sun’s heat!). Pack some sun protection, too, because no one wants to get sunstroke and miss their favourite bands as a result!

5 Don’t overdo it – remember that less is more!

Just because you’re going to a festival doesn’t mean you must embrace all of the cliché attire. If you find yourself wearing a flower headband, glitter, silver hardware, a band t-shirt and a bucket hat, you’ve probably gone too far! 

Remember, festivals are your opportunity to embrace your own unique style and elevate it so that you feel comfortable and stylish in your outfit; adding too much to it could make it a little too costumey. Stick to a single statement piece and embrace your individuality by building your outfit around it, and you’ll have the perfect winning look, whichever festival you’re attending. 

If you’re attending a festival over several days, a good way to pack light is to build your outfit around one or two pieces; for example, wear a good statement pair of boots across the entire festival, paired with some denim shorts and a chic leather jacket, but pack a few different t-shirts and accessories so you can alter your look slightly each day, for a winning combination. Our Felixa boots are a great choice if you’re looking for comfortable statement footwear. Featuring the signature Rosamund Muir star, they come in several styles and finishes, from cow print to classic!

woman wears Felixa cowprint boots, brown leather look leggings and a black shirt

However, we’d recommend avoiding muddier festivals to showcase them to keep their stunning calf hair leather looking its best.

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