How To Dress Boots To Look Super Stylish

Boots are an essential wardrobe staple and the perfect transitional footwear piece. 

With so many boots on the market, knowing which pairs to add to a capsule wardrobe and how to style them can be difficult.

Don’t worry – at Rosamund Muir, we know a thing or two about boots, so we’ve pulled together this helpful guide on how to style your boots with outfits. From the options available to tips on how to dress our favourite styles and the stories behind them, you’ll be stepping out with confidence, whichever boots you choose!

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What are the different types of boots?

What to wear with boots

Our Amor and Venezia boots

What are the different types of boots?

Although many boot styles are available, four main styles feature in most wardrobes. These are ankle boots, mid-calf, over-the-knee and thigh boots.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are usually the most popular and wearable boot style and often feature in most capsule wardrobes. Available in two main lengths, booties, which sit level with the ankle, and standard ankle boots, which can finish up to four inches above the ankle bone, they are the easiest boots to style.

Ankle boots are essential, and although they usually come in both trend and classic styles, every capsule wardrobe needs a neutral pair that can be styled with many outfits.

When choosing classic ankle boots, opt for a pair in a neutral colour, such as black, and with a pointed rather than a rounded toe like the black Paulina, as this style tends to be more flattering.

Black Pauline boots with a bright red insole

If you struggle with thin heels, a stacked heel is the perfect choice for feet on the go, or when you have to do a lot of walking. Opt for high-quality materials and a style that doesn’t have too many embellishments, such as the black Fortuna, as they will provide many dressing options.

textured Fortuna ankle boots in black and red

Perfect for a relaxed evening date, a brunch catch-up with friends, or for the office, their simple, clean lines make this style incredibly wearable, but the pop of red adds character whilst being subtle enough that your boots still go with everything. 

The beauty of ankle boots is that they pair perfectly with long, flowing dresses, skinny jeans or leggings and sleek trousers for many dressing options. 

Take care when pairing yours with midi dresses, as they make your legs look shorter because of where the material lands on the leg. Ankle boots still work with this style, but opt for a slender, fitted pair or shorter ankle boots, if you’re petite, to add length to your legs. 

Mid-calf boots 

One of the more difficult lengths to style because of where they land on the leg, mid-calf boots can look amazing if styled correctly.

Mid-calf boots can look great with skirts and dresses, particularly in bold colours like the red Venezia. Pair yours with a below-the-knee straight dress in a classic black or neutral shade to make the boots’ colour pop!

a woman poses in red venezia boots

Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots can be incredibly sophisticated. Sitting just over the knee, they’re the perfect choice for colder months and look great over form-fitting skinny jeans. 

If you want a long-lasting pair to add to your wardrobe, opt for a classic colour in a straight style with a minimal design. The sleeker the boot and the less slouchy the fabric, the better, as this creates the straightest lines for a fabulous finish. 

When choosing some over-the-knee boots, low heels offer the most versatility and comfort yet still look stylish. 

Thigh boots

Much like ankle boots and booties, the only difference between over-the-knee and thigh boots is where they finish. Thigh-high boots finish mid-thigh and are usually up to five inches longer than over-the-knee styles. Thigh-high boots also tend to have a larger top for a comfortable fit. 

As they cover your whole leg, black is the best colour to choose if you want to look tall and lean, but most colours look incredibly chic.

A young woman stands on some rocks in thigh high neutral boots with shorts and an abstract patterned top

What to wear with boots

When you invest in classic, well-made boots, the styling possibilities are endless. 

Depending on your style, you may only ever need a classic brown or black boot, but if you’re more of a boot enthusiast, have fun and live boldly by choosing more statement colours. 

Boots that finish on the thinnest part of your legs cast a more feminine silhouette, giving the illusion of thinner, longer legs. 

When choosing what to wear with boots, always opt for balance, and if your boots are neutral, don’t be afraid to add colour to your outfits to draw the eye. 

Here are some of our favourite boot styling options for a capsule wardrobe full of chic dressing options.

Boots with jeans 

  1. Ankle boots with rolled-up skinny jeans are perfect for transitioning seasons. Paired with a structured blazer and a roll-neck jumper, it’s a great elevated casual look perfect for shopping or hanging out with friends.
  2. Black ankle boots paired with a completely black outfit can look incredibly sophisticated. Pair skinny black jeans, a black blazer and a feminine blouse with your black ankle boots to channel your vintage-inspired power suit style. 
  3. Flat ankle boots paired with rolled-up jeans and a bomber jacket create a cool, chic look for an outdoorsy weekend where you want to look good but have many steps to cover. 
  4. With skinny white jeans, it’s important to consider your colour palette. Light neutrals can make this style sophisticated, or opt for bright boots and a matching top for a summery pop of colour. 

Animal print boots 

Animal print boots are the perfect pick if you want your boots to do the talking! Pair yours with neutral skinny jeans, trousers or dresses and let your boots be the star of the show. 

Leopard print Fortuna boots with a pop of red

Fortuna Leopard Boots

Boots with dresses 

Ankle boots, bare legs and a form-fitting dress; are the perfect spring and autumn staple. Add a leather jacket to your look for a grungy, edgy finish. 

If you love a floaty dress, pair yours with an oversized cardigan and a stylish hat. Slouchy boots look great with floaty dresses and bare legs or form-fitting outfits, but relaxed-fitting trousers and an oversized top can draw focus away from your boots.

Our Amor and Venezia boots at Rosamund Muir

If you’re looking for statement boots that are sophisticated and built to last, we recommend our Amor and Venezia boots. Carefully handcrafted in our atelier, not only is each pair filled with character, they have extraordinary stories behind them. 

Amor boots

Our Amor boots are inspired by the power of love – just as their name suggests! These statement power boots ooze elegance and strength alongside femininity and playfulness. 

Full of love, the flash of red in the lining of the navy and dark olive varieties illustrate passion and adventure, whereas our statement heart boots wear their heart on their sleeve, or in this case, their upper!

Amor boots in tan with black love hearts worn by a woman, paired with a long, plaid skirt

The perfect pairing to form-fitting skirts, leggings and stylish dresses, speak the language of love with every step you take when you add our Amor boots to your footwear collection. 

Venezia boots

Venice is close to Rosamund’s heart, so she created the Venezia boots. On a cold, misty February night amongst the crowd of carnival revellers, her husband proposed to her in this stunning city filled with romance and mystery. 

Inspired by the colours, elegance and freedom of the Venice Carnival, the Venezia boot is distinctive with its curved-edged design. 

The Venezia, available in white, black and red, was made for those who love a dramatic entrance and should be styled as the focal point of your outfit. 

white Venzia boots paired with a neutral playsuit

The Venezia and Amor boots feature an iconic cone heel built to last and withstand uneven surfaces that can damage heels. Their durability makes them the perfect sustainable footwear option, built to last. And as the heels aren’t finished in leather, wear and tear, which damages so many leather-covered heels, is massively reduced. 

Tried and tested by Rosamund, here is her account of wearing these hard-wearing, stylish heels; 

“One day in December, I needed to attend a few meetings and Christmas events across London. I chose the Venezia in Red boots, and they were on my feet from 6 am until 10 pm for my day’s adventure. The heels are so durable; I could hardly tell they had been worn.”

Find boots to last a lifetime at Rosamund Muir 

Find your next pair of classic or statement boots by shopping the complete collection at Rosamund Muir. Handmade sustainably using traditional practices, you’re guaranteed long-lasting and comfortable wear with every step, whether you opt for a block colour or a patterned option.

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