Just Dropped: Step Out In Barbiecore Style With Freda Boots

Be playful in pink by embracing Barbiecore this season. Inspired by the release of the eagerly anticipated Greta Gerwig film on July 21st 2023, this latest fashion phenomenon sees Barbie pink (yes, this is an official Pantone shade!) take over runways and wardrobes as the fashion world fully embraces the Barbiecore trend.

But what is the Barbiecore aesthetic, and how can you try it yourself? At Rosamund Muir, we’re giving you our top Barbicore trend tips, including how to adopt Barbie fashion into your footwear wardrobe with the release of our Barbie-inspired Freda boots.

Barbie and Ken drive a pink convertible from the Barbie Movie

What is Barbiecore?

Barbiecore is the real-life version of Barbie’s style. For the most part, when we think of Barbie, we think of dressing head-to-toe in pink, so whether your preferred shade is bubblegum, magenta or fuschia, the Barbie aesthetic starts with pink. 

Like the Y2K trend filling up our ‘For You’ pages recently, Barbiecore takes this cute and kitsch trend much further and has been fully embraced by some of the world’s biggest fashion houses, including Maison Valentino. 

Dopamine dressing has never looked so good, and with major fashion houses giving it their ultimate seal of approval, there’s never been a better time to try on the Barbiecore trend. 

What is the Barbiecore trend and why is it so popular?

Thrust to the forefront of fashion with the pending release of the new ‘Barbie’ movie starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, Barbiecore is the epitome of Barbie’s style. Think over-accessorising with kitsch, ’90-inspired details such as cute hairclips, jewellery, and statement shoes set against a pink backdrop.

Margot Robbie dressed as Vintage Barbie against a orange skyline

Retro-shaped sunglasses and ’50s style gloves also feature as part of the Barbiecore aesthetic, thanks to a scene from the film that features a look inspired by the original Barbie. 

Barbie was the brainchild of Ruth Handler, an American businesswoman who created the original doll in 1959. Handler saw an opportunity to create a doll for girls that wasn’t a baby doll or didn’t represent a mother figure. Believing that young girls didn’t just want to grow up to be housekeepers and mothers, Barbie represented ambition, teaching little girls of the time that they could be anything they wanted to be. 

The original Barbie doll was dressed in a black and white one-piece swimsuit, accessorised with tiny gold hoop earrings and black skyscraper heels. As glamorous as the film stars of the time, Barbie was a welcome break from convention and quickly became the popular toy of choice. 

Barbie’s fashion has always moved with the times and has been influenced by popular culture, with her style evolving to suit current trends. In a complete u-turn, it seems with the arrival of the Barbie movie; it’s now Barbie that’s inspiring fashion, with her chic, pink style and fun, playful looks.

What is the Barbie movie about? 

With the pending release of the new Barbie movie just a few weeks away, there’s been much speculation around the plot, which has been kept tightly under wraps. But, as director Greta Gerwig is known most famously for her feminist take on classics such as Little Women, we’re expecting some powerful and emotional plot twists.

What we do know about the movie is that Barbie and Ken are happily enjoying their life in Barbie Land. Still, as one of them becomes expelled for not being perfect enough, they are catapulted into the real world, where they face a very different reality of living amongst humans.

Expect humour, enviable dressing and a perfectly pink-filled world!

How to adopt the Barbiecore aesthetic? 

If you want to try Barbie fashion, we’ve pulled together some top tips. Whether you prefer the casual, classy look or you want to try full-on Barbie fun, there are many different ways to adopt the trend. 


Unsurprisingly, if you want to try out a Barbiecore makeup trend, you must embrace pink! Think pink eyeshadow and blush, lots of glitter and bright pink lipstick. The great thing about the Barbiecore makeup trend is that you can go heavy or light with the look to suit your usual makeup style.

For a subtle nod to Barbiecore, go heavy with your eye makeup and tone everything else down, or go bright with your pink lip while keeping everything else subtle. If you like a heavier makeup look, opt for more glitter.

The Barbiecore makeup trend is great for summer festival dressing when you’re more inclined to be daring with your looks. 

Margot Robbie standing looking through a pink mirror in Barbie Land


Ponytails and braided styles are the preferred Barbiecore hairstyles. With a nod to some of Barbie’s retro looks, there’s nothing more chic than a perfect ponytail accessorised with clips, bows and ribbons to complete the look.

If you’re going for braids, pink ribbons intertwined into the style offer a fun twist on a classic look. 

Barbie outfits

There are no right or wrong answers when choosing Barbie-inspired dressing; you can be as daring or classic with the look as you choose! 

Embrace dopamine dressing, starting with a statement pink piece to build your look around. Whether you choose a chic summer dress or a classic magenta trouser suit, you’re already ready to embrace the trend. Finish your look with stylish accessories like statement jewellery or a chic oversized clutch bag for a fabulous finishing touch.

Keen to try on the trend but not a fan of pink? Look through the archives for some of Barbie’s classic 1950s looks, then thrift your way to vintage Barbie style. 

Find perfect Barbiecore footwear with Freda boots 

At Rosamund Muir, we love the fun and fabulous Barbiecore trend, so much so that our new Freda boots are inspired by it. 

Rosamund Muir Pink Freda Boots in Mock Croc

Introducing Freda, our fabulous first-class ticket to instant Barbie-inspired style. Our latest chic additions are lovingly handcrafted from sustainably sourced mock-croc in honour of the Barbie movie. This limited edition fuchsia pink boot guarantees an enviable Barbie style and perfectly matches many stylish looks.

Complete with a nude sole, our signature red interior and a comfortable 90mm heel, get ready to step out in Barbiecore style by investing in some fabulous Freda boots today!

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