Rosamund Muir Selected For The BFA Footwear 50 List 2022

The British Footwear Association is a not-for-profit trade membership organisation that helps support individuals and businesses working in the UK footwear industry. 

In December 2022, the BFA announced its first-ever Footwear 50 list, championing 50 footwear professionals from across the UK. The list included prestigious names from the world of footwear retail, design, manufacturing and supply, featured across six categories.

Rosamund Muir was selected for the list as part of the Design Independents category, a huge accolade for any young independent footwear brand. Read on to learn more about the BFA, how they compiled the list and what it means for Rosamund Muir to be included.

What is the BFA Footwear 50 2022?

The logo for the BFA's Footwear 50 2022 competition

Announced in December 2022, the British Footwear Association Footwear 50 is a list which includes the most influential, important and inspiring people in the footwear industry. Celebrating 50 UK-based footwear professionals, the list doesn’t have an overall winner but rather spotlights the most inspiring people in the footwear trade for their innovative ideas and resilience. 

In September 2022, when the list was first announced, the BFA received hundreds of nominations for various people in the trade, from design teams to retailers, manufacturing teams and suppliers. This was then painstakingly narrowed down to the final fifty by the BFA board of directors to compile the final list. 

Critically, the list celebrates BFA members and non-members, representing the best in the UK footwear industry. The final Footwear 50 list was announced on December 8th, 2022, at a BFA Christmas networking event at October Gallery, London, to a room filled with BFA members sharing festive drinks and canapes. 

What are the six categories on the BFA Footwear50 list?

Rosamund inspecting soles for her latest creations in the atelier

Rather than building a footwear list celebrating designers and brands, the BFA’s Footwear 50 list champions individuals throughout the footwear sector. To make the nomination and selection process easier, the list is broken down to include noteworthy individuals from the following categories:

  1. Retailers: This could be stakeholders from independent or multiple retailers, business owners, sales managers or managing directors excelling in footwear retail. 
  2. Brands: The list considered creative directors, head designers, brand owners and influential figures from leading British brands in this category. 
  3. Manufacturers: Recognising important and influential figures in shoe manufacturing, in manufacturing workshops and facilities, including owners, business directors and production managers. 
  4. Suppliers and wholesalers: Added to recognise those running both well-established and growing footwear sourcing companies and wholesalers. 
  5. Design Independents: This category spotlights emerging and recognised design talents from independent brands and start-ups.
  6. Footwear Supporters: Those supplying support and essential services to businesses and individuals in the UK footwear sector.

Which BFA Footwear 50 category was Rosamund Muir included in?

Rosamund's hands comparing lengths of the sustainable Montana Hope leather

Rosamund Muir was included in the Design Independents category, representing the footwear industry’s most exciting and innovative talents. 

The category was sponsored by intellectual property lawyers BRIFFA. As BFA partners for over 15 years, offering free consultations and advice to BFA members, BRIFFA were proud to be involved.

The BFA included Rosamund Muir alongside six other independent designers, including talented freelancers Jessica Good and Eleanor Ferry, founder, designer and CEO of Freya Rose, Freya Rose Archer, Ali McAleavy, founder of Zig + Star and Nia Jones, Co-founder and Creative Director of Good News.

Recognised for her sustainable ethos and for designing luxury shoes that meet a woman’s everyday needs, alongside many other contributing factors, this exceptional accolade adds another jewel to the Rosamund Muir crown. 

“It is an absolute honour to be recognised in the Design Independents category and I am thrilled that our unique, eye-catching designs are winning the hearts of so many. Joy and empowerment of women is at the core of the Rosamund Muir brand and I am so proud of this and everything we have accomplished since we launched in March 2020.” – Rosamund Muir

After already being recognised at the Drapers Footwear Awards 2022, the future continues to shine brightly for Rosamund Muir. 

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