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Our Process

Sourcing only the finest leathers and working with a small team of artisans, Rosamund has developed a unique collection of handmade footwear designed to be worn with confidence and inspire women to embrace their femininity.

Made by hand from start to finish, Rosamund Muir footwear is crafted with genuine love and care in every detail. Production is truly sustainable, with leathers ordered in small batches when required thus promoting a zero-waste policy. Our expert cutters ensure every part of the leather is utilised, with any offcuts donated to local schools who use them for craft and creative activities.  

All our leathers are a naturally sustainable by-product sourced from the best Italian tanneries, processed using traditional techniques to produce the finest nappa leathers and softest suedes and calf hair.

The creation of your shoes begins within our small atelier which sees leathers hand cut, sewn and the heel positioned before each shoe is placed on a last for several days, setting the unique shape and form. These processes can take minutes - even seconds - in a designer factory, however we use time tested traditional methods which produce a noticeable difference in luxury and quality.

Each pair of shoes takes around seven days to make and are personally inspected by Rosamund - the care and attention that goes into our footwear is second to none.