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rosamund muir sustainable footwear


At Rosamund Muir we are redefining sustainable luxury; the core of our decision-making is based on consciousness for the planet and a drive to keep sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.

Passionate about our slow fashion ethos, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality footwear made from premium materials - designed to give a lifetime of wear.

rosamund muir sustainable footwear

What is sustainable footwear?

Footwear that is defined as sustainable minimises negative environmental impact throughout its design, manufacturing and distribution. 

Our sustainability promise 

One of our core commitments as a luxury brand is to be as sustainable and planet-friendly as possible. 

With our zero-waste policy, we strive to make luxurious, premium sustainable shoes that are both sophisticated and completely planet conscious. 

All of the leathers used in creating our footwear are 100% by-product and have been since our brand’s conception. 

And we’re making continuous improvements to sustainable sourcing, with approx 80% of the leather in our current collection sourced from a premium Italian leather deadstock supplier.

rosamund muir sustainable footwear

A sustainable production process

Our leathers are expertly hand-cut by artisans to ensure that each piece is maximised to its full potential, with all off-cuts then being donated to a local school for craft projects. We also use wooden heels where possible in the design of our shoes as the most eco-friendly option currently on the market. 

Our footwear is manufactured in small batches to avoid overproduction whilst working closely with the atelier to ensure ethical practices are in place.

rosamund muir sustainable footwear

Eco-friendly packaging

All of our packaging is 100% plastic-free and eco-friendly. 

From our recycled cardboard boxes and recycled tissue paper to our organic cotton shoe bags, we’re committed to bringing our customers a touch of luxury without impacting the planet for a more sustainable future.

Voted as a top Sustainable Footwear brand twice by Country and Townhouse magazine, we promise to continue to offer only the highest quality, most sustainable footwear that’s built to last a lifetime.