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The Atelier

Determined to work with the highest level of craftmanship, Rosamund scoured Europe to find the finest artisans who were committed to sustainable practices and the delicate art of shoemaking. 

Located in Bucharest our small atelier team are absolute masters of their craft. Having undergone years of expert training, our artisans have worked with some of the world’s leading luxury brands. 

Romania has a history rich in the art of shoemaking. We are proud to encourage the revival and continuation of this heritage knowing that our core values of slow fashion, quality, ethics and sustainability are helping to support both artisans and the local community.

Making every shoe by hand, our team uses only the best Italian components and ethically sourced premium Italian leathers. Hand cut and sewn before the heel is expertly positioned, each shoe then spends several days on a last to form the shape. This process can take seconds in a factory, even for designer shoes, however the time and attention used in creating our footwear produces a noticeable difference in luxury and quality.